Saturday, November 16, 2013

West Cigarettes

If you have tried West cigarettes you probably know how the real cigarettes should taste! Because West brand have a rich taste that made them popular in more than 90 countries worldwide. These smokes are available in the European countries except Ireland and UK. Originally West cigarettes appeared in 1981. Its producer was Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken, a German tobacco company. This brand is originally a German one. The name of its manufacturer already told us about its high quality and original taste!

West Red West Silver West Rich Blue West Blue

West smokes were launched in 1981 and first it was sold only at the cigarettes stores and cigarette vending machines. And from the very beginning these cigarettes were in demand because not all the cigarettes have such a strong flavor. Flavor that was improving for many years and it finally gets the ideal formula. The first advertisement of this Brand sad “Quality brand at a fair price” and it has always been true. West cigarettes have always had the reasonable prices because it’s not easy to find the smokes of the best quality with the nicest design and a good reputation!

Today West Cigarettes is the second largest selling cigarette in Germany, the leading brand in Slovenia and Slovakia and a strong performer in Russia, Azerbaijan and Poland. This brand has a distinctive flavor and taste. It is of German quality: it is precise and clear. West is the cigarette that easily succeeds to get the biggest number of smokers from the entire world. This tobacco brand was at the beginning loved by home tobacco smokers, the Germans, which buy West cigarettes.

But what actually makes West cigarettes so much desirable and preferable? It is so because it has so many advantages: the best quality of tobacco, delicious taste, special and unforgettable aroma and finally trendy pack. The price of this "treasure" will never fail you!

Any customer, starting with the wealthier one and not, will be able to purchase these cigarettes. The brand is meant for everyone. It will provide then with a totally different smoking experience. People praise this tobacco product not without a reason. It is a real western quality of West cigarettes. The pun emphasizes its importance for the devoted or potential smokers.

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