Kent Cigarettes

Kent was launched in March, 1952 by American company named Lorillard. They were 70 mm long and expensive cigarettes in a traditionally soft pack of 1950's America. The brand was named after Herbert Kent - company chairman from that period. Filters were first used in Kents that year. British American Tobacco is the owner of the brand currently which produces such cigarettes as Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Viceroy, Dunhill, State Express 555, Kent, Rothmans, Peter Stuyvesant, Benson & Hedges, Winfield, John Players and Kool.

Kent Blue Kent Convertibles Kent Futura Kent INFINA

Kent Convertibles were new smokes that were introduced for Eastern Europe market in 2010. Their filter is half-charcoal and half - acetate part with capsule that contains refreshing taste elements. In other words you just push the filter to break the capsule inside, and convert your lights to menthols. Also this year company decided to terminate such models as Kent Surround Neo, Kent Surround Futura, and Kent Mintek. Kent cigarettes is the famous brand that has lots of fans in many countries.

Kent cigarette quality doesn’t have any analogues in tobacco market. It is exclusive in its essence. It is not enough that Kent brand is famed for its exalted tobacco, exciting taste and smooth flavor. Moreover it possesses a special filter that, as it is said, is safer for smokers’ health than in any other cigarette.

Kent cigarettes are offered to the smokers in more than 70 countries all around the globe. The current owner of Kent cigarettes is British American Tobacco. One of the strongest features of Kent cigarette of all times is its advanced filtering system. Kent cigarettes are still positioned as mild and easy to smoke.

So the process of smoking converts a simple one into unforgivable pleasure and delight. The most distinctive feature that proves Kent cigarettes uniqueness is the lower content of nicotine and tar. The producers of a given tobacco brand consciously came to the creation of this special smoking product. What can be better than time-tested quality?

In our case it is time-tested quality of smoking products. Smoking such products, the smoker doesn’t need to have any doubts towards quality. So this concerns to Kent cigarettes.

Going with the times, investigating new ideas, innovations which appear daily in the world, Kent cigarettes manufacturers started to expand not only the assortment but also the design. Slim-sized cigarettes are the straight confirmation to this. Their modern and stylish appearance has already conquered many hearts.

Regardless the fact that Kent cigarettes is sufficiently expensive, still you have possibility to receive it at discount price due to our online tobacco store, ordering one of 6 types of Kent cigarettes, so you can experience the best one for you.