Magna Cigarettes

Magna cigarettes are a brand manufactured under R.J. Reynolds control. This brand became famous and well-known all over the world. No smoker would have never said not to have tasted this tobacco product because Magna cigarettes really belong to premium tobacco brands. There is no surprise that this brand is so loved worldwide. It is not only the matter of advertising but also of the quality itself. Magna cigarettes are produced in USA and are very popular in Europe. Pleasant taste, good quality and low price make these cigarettes appealing for the middle-class smokers.

Magna BlueMagna Red

Many smokers prefer the king size (85 mm) of these cigarettes as they can enjoy smoking longer than usually. As for the packs, there are soft or hard packs, containing 20 cigarettes. There is a great variety of Magna "Classic", "Mild", "Lights" and "Ultra Lights". These variants are suitable for the smokers, who like to smoke frequently or not. Everyone will satisfied with the cigarettes versions proposed. However, one can ask about the Menthol cigarettes of this brand. Nowadays, they became very popular. People like to get freshness while smoking. This new "stream" of smoking gained many fans and admirers.

Traditionally it has several kinds of packaging separated by strength: full-flavored, light and ultra-light. Magna was most popular in 90s and it still has dedicated smokers all over the world. Originally Magna had exclusive red pack design and it matched it's hot naming. In all times magna was symbolized with an unstoppable power and the hottest heat. Neat and stylish design was not changed for a long time which proves that it perfectly reflects the vivid and rich aroma that Magna bring to every smoker. The most experienced of us will appreciate the perfectly balanced blend and good quality of wrapping materials. Magna has been on the market for 20 years and this gave the brand that experience in cigarettes production that can not be taught or acquired in any other way but dedicating time to this industry. Also these smokes are associated with some of people's years from past and probably some sentimental memories and that is why they still choose good old Magna to satisfy their smoking needs.

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