Marlboro Cigarettes

A well-known and wide-spread brand of Marlboro cigarettes was introduced onto the English market in 1847. After 1950 he repositioned Marlboro cigs as a men's cigarette in order to serve that group of men who were concerned about lung cancer, but do not want to admit it. It is made by Philip Morris USA within the US, and by Philip Morris International outside the US.

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Consumers have considerable brand-loyalty to Marlboro. Opportunistic vendors marginalize consumers’ willingness to buy Marlboro cigarettes at ever-increasing prices. Vendors have attached hefty price markups to Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Menthol and Marlboro Mediums. As a result, Marlboro prices have soared to $9.00 a pack in many states. We have taken measures to prevent the exploitation of Marlboro smokers.

Marlboro cigarettes is number one in the international tobacco market. Marlboro cigarettes has broken all the records in smoking items sales. Marlboro cigarettes quality smoking brand doesn’t raise any doubts and is not subjected to any comparison. Marlboro Cigarettes is considered to be the most demanded tobacco product.  Marlboro Cigarettes is of high standing cigarette brand nowadays.

This brand was highly appreciated when it issued many advertising ads with a real macho on it. It was the famous "Marlboro Man", who became the icon of the brand and saved situation, which was not in favor of the company. There were times when the cigarettes had to be taken out of the sale, But Marlboro resisted and continued to please us further. It happened because many believed that the previous names of the brands dominated over the other ones. And thus, smokers were a bit confused as they thought that these names were the best.

Advertising is one thing; still there is another equally important ground of such enormous demands of Marlboro trademark. It is its elite tobacco, irreproachable flavor and inimitable aroma. Namely this attracts so many smokers and the great number of them has selected Marlboro cigarettes as the favorite cig brand that totally dashes their personality and such qualities as gallantry, manliness, fortitude and other qualities peculiar to a true man. Notwithstanding the fact that Marlboro is an expensive smoking tobacco and this is reasonable, still you can find this product at cut-price in our online discount cigarette shop. You should not overpay for the product which you can purchase it a much lower price at our online cigarettes store. Allocate your expenses rationally due to us.