Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes were firstly introduced by R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, in 1871 as a cut-plug chewing tobacco and later as discount cigarettes. In 1905, the company was acquired by the American Tobacco Company, and Lucky Strike would later prove to the whole world that it was worth it. Lucky Strike cigarettes were one of the first brands, who put into practice the technology of toasting the tobacco instead of sun drying. The color of Lucky Strike used to be dark green, then it was switched to white. Nowadays Lucky Strike cigarettes are promoted by many American companies.

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Lucky Strike cigarettes means fine tobacco. The famous brand is often referred to as Luckies. If you prefer these cigarettes, then you are the lucky one. No matter what you prefer to smoke from the Lucky Strike cigarettes product range - whatever cigarettes you choose, you will be rewarded with great and rich taste, with a pleasant and comfortable smoking process.

One of the very first slogans associated with Lucky Strike cigarettes was Its Toasted. This slogan was in reference to the fact that this tobacco was toasted dry, as opposed to sun-dried. Because the tobacco was toasted, the finished cigarettes are said to have a distinct flavor associated with them that was uniquely all their own. The same year that the slogan Its Toasted became popular, another message was introduced. The message -Lucky Strike means fine tobacco-, was put on each pack of cigarettes. This slogan gave their customers pride in the fact that they were being reassured that the cigarettes they were choosing to smoke were make from the finest tobacco around.

The luck is the derivative of the cigarettes brand name. That is why it is believed that these cigarettes just must bring luck and success to the person, who smokes them. Otherwise, what fore is this name then?

There is another thing, differentiating it from the other brands and namely the recipe of manufacturing. Unlike the other ways of these cigarettes manufacturing - the tobacco is toasted. The other brands have a sun-dried tobacco. As a result, its taste is incomparable with no other and the flavor is excellent.

Lucky Strike combine full flavor aroma and pleasant mildness of each and every puff. That is why they taste so good. Lucky Strike continues to have marketing and distribution support in many countries as a global drive brand and this is not going to be changed.

Whether you decide to call it Social smoking, or try to label yourself only as a Party smoker, you will definitely appreciate the uniqueness of Lucky Strike cigarettes. This is your choice!

Not only the name of Lucky Strike discount cigarettes captures smokers attention, but also its high-grade tobacco, fascinating flavor and charming aroma. This is thanks to a special way of tobacco manufacturing that consists in application of the technology of toasting the tobacco instead of sun drying. This characteristic feature adds to Lucky Strike brand uniqueness and originality. So it wont be a trouble for you to recognize its smell from thousands of tobacco products smells. Thus, if you are still eager to make your life luckier, then Lucky Strike is your lucky choice. By means of our online discount tobacco items store you will be able to purchase your “luck” at shamelessly low price.

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