Golden Gate Cigarettes

Golden Gate cigarettes are an inexpensive, highly popular cigarette brand made in Germany from an American tobacco blend. These cigarettes are full of flavor that will appeal to many tastes. On the hard cigarette pack you can see one of the most recognizable bridges in the USA. It is a symbol of American quality and longevity.

Golden Gate Red Golden Gate Blue

There are two types of Golden Gate cigarettes presented in our shop: Red and Blue ones, which traditionally correspond to strong and light cigarettes. It is not so difficult to make the choice. Golden Gate smokes differ from other cigarettes more by the intense flavor. All versions of Golden Gate's have perfect taste. You will feel the real pleasure smoking cheapest Golden Gate cigarettes.

Although Golden Gate cigarettes are produced as value brand cigarettes, the tobacco used for them originates in the same countries where the tobacco for many of the world's top cigarette brands is produced.

As a limited edition cigarette brand, Golden Gate products are scarce in comparison to other brand name cigarettes. Golden Gate can be hard to find at all let alone find at a discount. Cigarettes and tobacco products like Golden Gate are immediately available.

Golden Gate smokers are reluctant to switch cigarettes. Discounts seem impossible, and disillusioned Golden Gate enthusiasts resign their energy to locating Golden Gate. Tobacco vendors know that Golden Gate’s are hard to find.   They also know about the marked brand loyalty to Golden Gate cigarettes. Discounts prices on Golden Gates don’t even cross vendors’ minds.  Instead, opportunistic retailers drive up prices to well over $12.00 per pack!

Golden Gate cigarette enthusiasts face the following dilemma: pay high prices for their cigarettes, or smoke a different brand.

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