Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall cigarettes are produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. They were first introduced by the Butler & Butler Company in 1899. Pall Mall Cigarette made the real sensation in the international tobacco market. In other words, it created a furor in tobacco world. The first producer of Pall Mall cigarettes brand, Butler&Butler Cigarette Company, introduced an innovation that amazed both all the smokers and its business rivals, who actually began to worry of such a powerful adversary. This innovation consisted of that they have placed the cigarette, the size of which comprised 85 mm – a royal size. That size exceeded all before introduced.

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Pall Mall was at the peak of the popularity in 1960 when it appeared to be the best selling brand of the USA. The owners invested into design once again and it was obviously the right decision. Pall Mall was the first to introduce the 100mm cigarettes (or the "longs") which later became a standard as well. In 1994 the brand changed its owners once again. This time the brand was bought by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation. Design was no longer the priority and the sales immediately diminished. Pall Mall also was one of the few cigarette brands to offer only the unfiltered cigarettes.

In 2004 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation merged with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Though in 2001 Pall Mall introduced the filtered version of the cigarettes, both the filtered and the unfiltered varieties are offered these days to Pall Mall aficionados. Outside the USA Pall Mall is manufactured and marketed by British American Tobacco.
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