L&M Cigarettes

L&M is a brand of cigarettes, produced by Ligget & Myers tobacco company (this company was founded in 1873). L&M is just an abbreviation of the whole name of the company. These cigarettes are very popular nowadays. Especially, young smokers are fond of this brand. The smooth taste of these cigarettes and unbelievable flavor are just what a young and only young person needs in every day life. The price is also not high and affordable for everybody.

L&M Red L&M Blue L&M Mixx L&M Silver

L&M cigarettes won many hearts and drew lots of fan-smokers due to their specially processed blend of all main sorts of tobacco. They possess such extraordinary aroma and full flavor that is not peculiar to any other smoking item. This is L&M cigarettes uniqueness. It offers a smoking experience that was anticipated for years and smokers received what they wanted at last. Currently this is sold in 60 countries and the growth of its popularity is unpredictable and became one of the best-selling flavors in tobacco industry.

Affordable price for L&M cigarettes, composed of good quality tobacco, attracts a lot of smokers. And there is no man that would say that he didn’t like something in this prominent discount cigarette. It is perfect in everything starting with elite grade tobacco taste till elegant and luxurious pack design.

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