Saturday, November 16, 2013

Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy cigarette belongs to royal brands because of its rich flavor and outstanding tobacco components. Based on superior quality of high-end product Viceroy brand can be presupposed the folk etymology of this ravishing fag: it was tasted by most notorious cigarette users and nominated as blissful.

Viceroy Red Viceroy Blue Viceroy Silver

Viceroy was launched by British American tobacco in 1936. This brand was the first one to introduce the cork-tipped filter cigarettes. It was a real innovation at those times and caused a commotion. This filter symbolized a new epoch of smoking in the 20 th century. No one of that time brands didn't have such peculiarities. All these innovations of that time made a cigarette revolution in the sphere of tobacco business and prepared ground for the future tobacco inventions. The manufacturing company used and uses superior tobacco for the cigarettes of this brand. As a result, aroma is delicate, giving tenderness and irresistible taste.

It is a very well-known fact that any manufacturing should develop further, applying all admissible opportunities. The same happens in the tobacco industry. The progress in this field of industry must be quoted as: "The show must go on and on!" Only then there will be observed more and more improvements.

The name of the brand is not a simply chosen name for these cigarettes. But it has a clear connection with history. There was indeed such a royal representative, who governed a country or a province in the name of the king. The word is of French origin (roi is a king). And may be due to this specificity the brand has always been a leader in tobacco industry field.

The word “viceroy” derives from Latin prefix “vice” that denotes “in the place of” and French word “roi” that signifies “regality”. So we can easily declare that Viceroy cigarettes brand has a royal nature and has an interesting smoking history. Viceroy cigarette appeared for the first time at tobacco market in the United States in the middle of 1930's due to British American Tobacco. Then the British American Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company united their fixed capital in order to provide a really competitive smoking product that would be profitable for both owners.

Since that time Viceroy cigarettes introduced some new novelties. Its last novelty was registered in the year 2000 and it was modern design of Viceroy Cigarette brand; new trendy cig packs. The most pivotal feature is that, regardless all the changes, the time-experienced quality is preserved. The excellent tobacco, a really royal flavored taste and slight aroma cannot be compared with any other discount cigarette brand.

Cheap Viceroy Cigarettes are in requisition in the whole world, including Argentina, Turkey, Chile and the Middle East. Viceroy is the right solution for that smoking population who looks for a quality cigarette at incomparable price. You can meet it in the following sorts: Viceroy Silver, Viceroy Red and Viceroy Blue. Put aside your hesitation and make a step towards genuine pleasure.

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