Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sobranie Cigarettes

If you value high quality tobacco products and excellent reputation, than you probably heard a lot about Sobranie cigarettes. This brand is considered to be one of the oldest cigarettes brands! It has a long and rich history that begins in 1879. Sobranie brand was introduced by the Redstone family in a period when smoking was gaining its popularity in Europe. And they quickly became famous thanks to the secrete formula of its blend.

Awaken your senses with Sobranie cigarettes. Inhale slowly to savor the full-bodied taste of these rich cigarettes. Made with a distinct blend of fine tobacco, Sobranie Black Russian delivers on its promise of high-quality smoking enjoyment. With a wonderfully even burn and distinctive taste, no other smoke compares to these high-quality cigarettes.

Also they were originally handmade in Russian tradition that differ them from most of smokes. Sobranie cigarettes can be called the royal tobacco. This brand is considered to be one of the best one among many successful and well-known people. It was the supplier of royal courts of Great Britain, Greece, Romania, and Spain. Later, at the beginning of the 1980s brand Sobranie belonged to the Gallaher Group. Since those times these cigarettes were manufacturing in many countries in Europe, using the improved formula. Discount Sobranie cigarettes now have beautiful and attractive package design but their superior flavor and smell will always be the most attractive thing about them.

For unparalleled pleasure, Sobranie Black is at the top of the totem pole - these fashionable cigarettes are unmatched in both style and taste. Wrapped in elegant black paper with a gold foil filter, their image alone tells others of your discriminating taste and fine judgment. You will find that you make a special impression when you smoke these luxury cigarettes when out on the town. Popular with both men and women, the Black Russians are the ideal choice when you have high standards in your smoking preferences.

When one first comes across the name of the brand, one can be very surprised because of the unknown and at the same time surprising name. However, there is nothing wrong with it. This word comes from the Russian language and means a gathering or meeting. Moreover, these cigarettes were handmade in a Russian tradition.

Nowadays, ladies are chain smokers and devoted to this brand of cigarettes. The packages of the cigarettes have all different and incredible colors, which are so eye-catching for every woman.

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